Where is Kewan Platt Now? Exactly What Happened to Him?

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In a recent incident during a basketball game between Fitchburg Falcons and Nichols College, Kewan Platt, a player from Nichols College, was involved in an altercation with an opponent. The incident resulted in his suspension and no longer being allowed on campus.

What Happened to Kewan Platt?

Kewan Platt, a Division III basketball player, was suspended indefinitely for elbowing an opponent in the face during the game. The incident was captured on video and shared on social media, causing widespread outrage. The player who was elbowed, Nat Tenlia, collapsed after the incident.

The Fitchburg State community immediately took action and expelled Kewan Platt from the school. The police department of Fitchburg State University is also investigating the incident.

Where did Kewan Platt Go?

Currently, the exact whereabouts of Kewan Platt are unknown. However, he can still be seen playing basketball on Instagram. It is rumored that he may still be playing basketball and living with someone at a university.

What did The Intrigue Say When He was Questioned About his Suspension?

Kewan Platt issued an apology for his actions, expressing deep regret for his behavior during the game against Nichols College. He apologized to Nat Tenglia, his fellow players, and coaches at Fitchburg State. He acknowledged that he needs to make better decisions in the future.


  • Where is Kewan Platt at this time?

The exact location of Kewan Platt is currently unknown.

  • Has Kewan Platt resumed playing basketball since his suspension?

There are no confirmed reports or information indicating that Kewan Platt has resumed playing basketball.

  • What are the goals or objectives for the future near Kewan’s intrigue?

The current goals and ambitions of Kewan Platt are not known to the public.

  • Has Kewan Platt changed schools since his suspension?

There is no information suggesting that Kewan Platt has transferred to another university following his suspension from Fitchburg State University.

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