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About $900k is Donna Goudeau’s estimated net worth. A widely circulated video of Donna Goudeau’s arrest in 2011 helped the Texas-born criminal achieve celebrity online in 2014. In 2011, Juan Sustiata, a 73-year-old pipefitter from Kansas working in Port Arthur on the Motiva expansion project, was robbed and brutally attacked. Together with two other males, Donna Goudea was tried for the crime and found guilty. At the Driftwood Inn on Memorial Boulevard, Sustiata was dozing.

During the incident, Goudeau and her companions robbed Sustiata of his money, credit cards, and iPhone. She was dating her high school ex-boyfriend at the time of the crime. It is believed that this was a crime of passion or retaliation for which she required money for bail because the two were living together at the time.

You can find all the information regarding Donna Goudeau’s net worth in this post. Lola Brooke’s information will be made clear, including his biography, job, robbery, history, and drama.

Donna Goudeau Net Worth

Name Donna Goudeau
Net Worth $900K

Donna Goudeau Net Worth Growth in the Last 5 Years

Year Net Worth
2019 $450k
2020 $500k
2021 $600k
2022 $750k
2023 $900k

Donna Goudeau Robbery

In 2011, Donna Goudeau took part in a violent robbery that targeted an elderly victim alongside two other men. During the theft, the victim was abused. The Driftwood Inn may be where the old guy is. The burglars forced their way inside Juan Sustaita’s home by banging on the elderly man’s door and got through when he opened it.

After beginning to take whatever value they can, they eventually succeed in obtaining the elderly man’s bank card and start interrogating him about the P.I.N. The elder man, however, was adamant that they did not have his debit card’s P.I.N. The thieves then tormented him by placing a pillow across his face.

Juan Sustaita finally handed them the correct P.I.N. for his A.T.M./Debit card after they tortured him for a long period. Juan had serious injuries as a result of the entire incident, which caused him to lose his employment because he was unable to execute his tasks. Juan ultimately became bankrupt as a result of losing his job since he had no other source of income.

After a few days, they caught the robbers and recorded an extensive film of their capture. The video found its way online somehow, and within a few hours, it was sweeping the woods like wildfire. As a direct result, Donna Goudeau overnight became famous online in 2014.

Donna Goudeau Sentenced

All of the accused robbers have now received punishments from the law; Keyron Elmore and Jeremy Goudeau are the remaining two offenders.

Keyron, who received a sentence of 60 years in jail at the age of 28, Jeremy, who received a sentence of 50 years in prison at the age of 20, and Donna Goudeau, who received an 18-year sentence, all received sentences at young ages.

Currently still being detained, Donna Goudeau won’t be freed from prison until 2029, which is undoubtedly a very long period if the forecast is accurate.

Where is Donna Goudeau now?

Therefore, it is necessary to inquire as to her current location. She was found guilty and given an 18-year jail term, as was indicated previously in the article; she is presently serving her sentence there.

She will remain in prison until the year 2029 when she will be freed after finishing her time there. Contrary to prevalent rumours, they didn’t murder her in jail. Donna Goudeau is still alive and is incarcerated while she completes the rest of her sentence.


Donna Goudeau, a Louisiana woman who was detained for armed robbery in 2011, quickly gained popularity on social media when her mugshot was shared on Facebook. Because it received over 10 million views and inspired several parodies, the video became extremely popular.


Where is Donna Goudeau now?

Why she is in the Jail?

She has been sentenced due to a Robbery case.

What is Donna Goudeau Net Worth?

About $900k is Donna Goudeau’s estimated net worth

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