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Coss Marte Net Worth is thought to be close to $6 million, which would make him a wealthy figure in America. Coss Marte has endured a lot of hardships throughout his life, hence his life is chock-full of tragedies. Coss Marte’s successful company, CONBODY, which has grown to encompass several fitness facilities, is the source of his wealth. Coss Marte’s exact net worth is difficult to ascertain, however, it is believed that he is worth about $6 million. His financial success is a result of his ability to create CONBODY, his commitment to health, and his ability to motivate others via his example.

One of the well-known Americans and the proprietor of a fitness business is Coss Marte. He also engaged in several unlawful ventures. But nowadays, he is a top businessman and a well-known international speaker who discusses how to succeed in business and effective business techniques. Coss Marte has several sources of income, hence her net worth is extremely big.

The fact that Coss Marte has a reputation for being a three-time offender is intriguing. because his drug activities led to an almost ten-year jail sentence. Later, when he was released from prison, he left behind all those horrible things. He started his own fitness business after being very motivated to get healthy in prison. Therefore, he started Coss Athletics. His course is referred to as “prison style Bootcamp.” He used to instruct his customers on how to maintain their fitness here. He reportedly serves close to 400 people. He once taught 14 lessons every week. Instead of doing this, he is assisted by two trainers.

Along with his professional background and social media accounts, you can discover details on Coss Marte’s income, place of residence, vehicle, endorsement deals, personal life, biography, and interests on this page. It will also contain information on his predicted net worth in 2023 as well as his existing net worth.

Coss Marte Net Worth

Full Name Coss Marte
Age 33
Wife Roxie Velas
Birth Place New York
Nationality American
Profession(s) CEO of CONBODY
Coss Marte Net Worth $6 million (Last Updated 2023)

Coss Marte’s Net Worth in the Last 5 Years

Year Net Worth
2019 $4 Million
2020 $4.5 Million
2021 $5 Million
2022 $5.5 Million
2023 $6 Million

A person’s income source determines how much money they have in the bank. Net worth, on the other hand, is always fluctuating. Coss Marte is a model businessperson who makes a good living throughout his career. He is the owner of CONBODY, a fitness business.

He has more than 400 customers in this business. He has other social media profiles, such as Instagram, etc., in place of this. The amount of income from all these sources exceeds Coss Marte’s net worth.

Coss Marte Early Life

Unbelievably, he started selling narcotics at the age of 13, and by the time he was 19, he had accumulated a sizeable wealth from his illegal endeavors. Unfortunately, because of his illicit activity, he spent a lot of time behind bars before he turned 23 and had to deal with the repercussions of his choices.

The jail doctors gave Coss Marte a dire prognosis following his most recent detention. They told him he had extremely high cholesterol, was overweight, and had fewer than five years to live. He started a path of physical transformation by committing to an intense fitness regimen because he was driven to avoid dying in prison. He somehow lost a remarkable 70 pounds while he was behind bars.

Coss Marte had a tough time finding work since he had to struggle to reintegrate into society after serving four years in jail. He started teaching others and imparting information by leveraging his love of exercise.

Coss Marte had a lot of issues and challenges before he began his profession. He had to choose an illegal source of food since he was living hand to mouth. He must become a drug dealer early on, and he was imprisoned for this reason. He spent ten years in jail.

His sentence was extended by three years in jail when an officer threatened to harm him. However, nothing more was happening as Coss Marte bowed to pick up his spectacles. He gained a lot of weight while he was incarcerated. Even the physicians advised him to work out at the gym or in any other way.

Coss Marte Personal Life

Coss Marte is a decent family man right now. He has a stunning wife named Roxie Velas in his family. He served a lengthy sentence and is now an honorable citizen. He also has a two-year-old kid. Despite having parents, he solely stated the name of his father. Licelott C. Marte de Barrios is his name. His father held positions in politics, law, accounting, and diplomacy.

He also has one sibling in place of this. His brother’s name is Christoper Marte. He never disclosed any private information on a social networking site before this. He has done a great job of maintaining his privacy.

Coss Marte is happily married to a stunning wife. His wife’s name is Roxie Velas. The couple also has a kid. Both are enjoying their lives and are there for one another at all times. To see pictures of Coss Marte’s lovely wife and child, go to his official Instagram account. His wife is young and quite gorgeous. She would make Coss Marte a suitable life partner.

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Coss Marte is a tall, attractive man. His body type and height go together quite well. His height did not suit him well when he was quite overweight. But now that he’s a bodybuilder, he looks just stunning. He is almost 5 feet 8 inches tall.


A well-known American celebrity named Coss Marte is the owner of a fitness business. He is a rather attractive young man. He stands at 5 feet, 8 inches. He is almost 5 feet. He has never disclosed any of his personal information. He is Licelott C. Marte de Barrios’s son. He is close to 100 kilograms. But these days, he appears to be quite in shape and diet mindful. He may have lost weight as a result. Coss Marte’s net worth and biography are detailed in the table below:

Real Name Coss Marte
Nickname Coss Marte
Age N/A
Gender Female
Father (Dad): Licelott C. Marte de Barrios
Mother: N/A
Siblings (Brothers and Sisters): Christopher Marte
Marital Status: Married
Dating / Wife: Roxie Velas
Date Of Birth Update Soon
Birth Place New York City Metropolitan Area
Height 5 feet 8 inches
Weight 100KG
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Zodiac Sign N/A
Nationality American
Hometown New York City Metropolitan Area
Profession Businessman

Coss Marte Early Career

Coss Marte served time in jail for drug trafficking before being freed in March 2013. Four years later, he is the proud proprietor of ConBody, a hip “prison-style boot camp,” where celebrities like Stephen Lang from “Avatar” and Larry David from “Seinfeld” have received training. Marte claims that by consistently selling himself, he was able to establish one of the most sought-after fitness studios.

Marte claims that between the ages of 19 and 23, when he was caught, he was generating over $2 million selling narcotics. Doctors informed him that he only had five years to live while he was incarcerated due to his obesity and extremely high cholesterol. Marte started working out and shed 70 pounds in six months because she was determined not to pass away in the cage.

The now 31-year-old businessman claims that his mother became his first paying client after being released. He would go for a workout in a public park every day at 5:30 a.m. From there, he started instructing folks he met in the park. He would approach girls wearing yoga pants and throw out business cards to onlookers while walking along the street to advertise his training services.

Marte explains to CNBC Make It, “I never stopped selling myself.” Twenty to thirty times a day, I’d relate my tale. I would chat about what I do and be foolish while riding the train. Regardless of the cost. Marte started renting out rooms as his clientele grew, and by 2014 his workshops had outgrown the facilities he was renting.

Coss Marte Struggle

Though real estate agents had a different opinion, the workout instructor decided it was time to locate ConBody a permanent home. Marte claims that because he had previously served time in prison, no one was willing to allow him to rent a studio.

Marte explains, “We’d start chatting to them, and they’d be very into it. Then we would explain the idea and that it was made up of former inmates. They would suddenly shift their body language and declare that we weren’t a good fit.

Marte claims he wasn’t prepared to quit. A friend of Marte’s informed him that a studio was up for rent after months of searching and rejections from over 20 real estate agencies. Ironically, he used to sell marijuana and cocaine in the exact location on Broome Street where the space stood.

The creator of ConBody claims that he recognised its ideal location for his company right away. He secured the lease in November 2015, and ConBody began operations in January 2016. He was unaware that things were about to become interesting.


Marte was a keynote speaker at a wellness conference held at Spring Studios in Tribeca in 2016. Misha Vayner, manager of leased departments at upscale retailer Saks 5th Avenue, approached him after hearing about his journey from ex-con to company owner.

Marte and Vayner exchanged information, with Vayner telling Marte that she wanted him to be a member of Saks’ new health facility, The Wellery.

Marte admits, “I honestly forgot about it.” Saks approached him two months later and requested that they join him immediately. Marte agreed wholeheartedly, and two weeks later, he had built a ConBody facility on the Saks in Midtown’s second floor.

Coss Marte Fat

Coss Marte had a weight problem within the prison since he was unable to exercise. He went by the name Fat Forest Gump. Later, he was advised to exercise regularly by the prison’s physicians. He was too motivated to lose weight, so he decided to continue being diet mindful.

He was made to follow a low-carb diet under duress. In the jail, he used to run nonstop for hours. He accumulated a lot of fitness experience, which helped him become an expert in the field. He currently runs a fitness business. His workout business, CONBODY, which is designed like a jail, goes by that name.

Coss Marte Drugs

Marte grew up in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, where he experienced poverty, violence, and drug use daily. Marte was introduced to drug peddling by the drug traffickers he knew growing up in his neighbourhood. He first started selling marijuana when he was a teenager.

He was perceptive and brilliant by nature, but he used his abilities in a risky line of work. By the time Marte was 19, he had added cocaine and other substances to his inventory and was still generating money.

He claims that there were instances when he earned as much as $30,000. Marte was earning almost $2 million annually at the age of 19. Coss, who was discovered in a narcotics bust at age 23, received a seven-year jail term for both possession and sale of a prohibited substance.

Drugs and Coss Marte have a connection. because Coss Marte was compelled to sell narcotics at a young age due to life-threatening problems. Thus, he was a significant narcotics dealer.

This is why he received a seven-year sentence, which was later enhanced to ten years owing to a misunderstanding. However, he has significantly transformed and is now a terrific parent and citizen.

Coss Marte Social Media Profiles

Coss Marte has a significant fan base, with 17.7k followers and 1396 posts on Instagram, 4k on Facebook and 2k on Twitter.


Coss Marte, the CEO of CONBODY, a hip boot camp with a jail vibe, transitioned from being a prisoner to becoming a businessman. The life of Coss Marte is one of optimism, fortitude, and tenacity. Before he turned into the success story he is now, he spent years in and out of jail. Coss Marte is an inspiration today to both current and former prisoners.

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What is a CONBODY workout?

Coss Marte is the owner of the workout program CONBODY. This constant exercise program is designed in the manner of a jail.

What did Coss Marte do?

He has a long career as a wealthy businessman who has achieved great success. He is a fitness guru and the owner of a business that offers classes on how to exercise more effectively.

What is Coss Marte’s Nationality?

Coss Marte has made his home on New York City’s Lower East Side. He is a citizen of and a national of the United States.

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